About Us

NANA Australia

NANA Australia Pty Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of NANA Development Corporation, a $1.8 billion worldwide enterprise.

NANA Development Corporation is the business arm of NANA Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native corporation 100% owned by the indigenous Iñupiaq people of northwest Alaska. NANA is improving the quality of life for its owners by maximizing economic growth and workforce development, protecting and enhancing the value of NANA’s lands, and promoting healthy communities.

NANA Australia partners with Australian traditional owner groups and aboriginal companies to share the lessons we have learned in our 40 years of business experience. We serve our clients with proven success in engaging local communities, and promoting local hire and economic development. NANA Australia is an effective bridge between two worlds – indigenous and non-indigenous; business and traditional.

NANA Australia draws on four decades of experience and talent to deliver world-class capabilities in resource development, engineering & construction, IT & telecommunications, facilities management & logistics, and real estate & hotel development.

NANA demonstrates our values in our words and actions:

  • Honesty and integrity govern our activities
  • Commitments made will be fulfilled
  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect